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СССР 1984-89 гг. глазами иностранца. Chris Niedenthal

[Spoiler (click to open)] СССР 1984-89 гг. глазами иностранца. Chris Niedenthal
Много великолепных  сюжетов!

Moscow market, 1989

Bakery in Moscow, 1989

Baku, Azerbaijan, 1989

Book stall in Moscow, 1989

'Don't look!', Arbat, Moscow, 1989

Drying off after swimming lessons, Moscow, 1989

Elections in Riga, Latvia, 1989

'Glasnost' on the Arbat, 1989

Group baptism in a Russian Orthodox church, Moscow, 1989

Hockey played in a Moscow housing estate, 1984

Lenin, 1988

Moscow apartament, 1989

Moscow bride and groom, after the wedding in Moscow, 1984

Moscow family, 1989

Moscow girl, 1988

Boris Yeltsin during election rally, Moscow, 1989

Moscow school, 1984

Moscow school, 1989

Moscow store, 1984

Moscow suburbs, 1989

Orthodox priest in a Moscow hospital, 1989

Party Congress as seen from street level, Moscow, 1988

Samarkanda, 1989

Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko with his wife, 1984

Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the Duma, Moscow, 1989

Soviet trolleybus, 1989

Street artist and the Red Army, on the Arbat, 1989

Taman Division during training, 1988

Tea break at factory producing busts and statues of Lenin, 1989

TV store in Moscow, 1988

Weight watchers, Moscow, 1988

Women's day at the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, 1984

A Moscow man, 1988

СССР 1984-89 гг. глазами иностранца. Chris Niedenthal
Chris Niedenthal | USSR | 1984-89


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