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Кошки и красавицы

Кошки и красавицы
Сто знаменитых женщин признаются в любви к их очаровательным питомцам в фотоподборке. Изящный дуэт красоты и грации...

Isabelle Adjani

Кошки и красавицы
Кошки и красавицы

Josephine Griffin

Jeanne Moreau

Meryl Streep

Jane Russell

Jean Seberg

Jerry Hall

Alexandra, Princess of Wales

In a portrait from 1870, Alexandra, Princess of Wales, holds her pet cat close to her bosom. The princess was a beloved royal family member known not for her feline obsession, but her devotion to charity work.

Anais Nin

Bebe Daniels

Marian Nixon

Marlene Dietrich

Mary Pickford

Mary Philbin

The silent film star posing in 1935.

Gladys George

In a photo from 1934, The Maltese Falcon actress hugs her tortoiseshell cat, whom she named Monkie.

Dolores Del Rio

Helen Chandler

The actress was photographed at home with her cat, whom she named Blue Bell, in June 1933.

Kathryn Grayson

Lynn Merrick

Lynn Merrick and hers hang out in a cornfield in the early forties.

Lauren Bacall

From the forties, the future Mrs. Bogart poses with two black cats.

Grace Kelly

In 1948, the Hollywood actress was photographed clutching a kitten while working as a part-time model, some eight years before she would become the Princess of Monaco.

Robert Vose - Grace Kelly on the movie set of To Catch a Thief, 1954

Romy Schneider

Betty Grable

The actress wore her pet cat Whitney around her neck like a fur scarf in 1935. The cat then sniffed her hair.

Donna Reed

Ella Raines

Veronica Lake, 1940

Gloria Grahame

Jeanne Crain

Ann Rutherford

Deanna Durbin

Princess Bibesco

Taken around 1930, the photo shows Princess Elizabeth Bibesco, wife of Prince Antoine Bibesco (a Romanian diplomat), holding a (surprised) black cat.

Bette Davis

Joan Collins

In 1957, British-born actress Joan Collins lounged on a boat that came with its own kitten.

Anna Karina

Audrey Hepburn

Jean Parker

In 1935, actress Jean Parker posed for this studio portrait.

Elizabeth Taylor

While returning to Paris from a trip to Russia in 1961, Taylor proved herself capable of simultaneously signing an autograph and stroking the nape of a mysterious cat.

Elizabeth Taylor

Frida Kahlo

Jeanne Moreau

Eartha Kitt

In February, 1953, the singer and actress (who would later play Catwoman on television in 1967) was photographed checking her makeup with her cat, Jinx, lounging on her vanity table. It's reported that Jinx preferred to stick around Eartha's dressing room even while she was performing onstage.

Mia Farrow

On September 12, 1965, Mia Farrow was photographed with her cat companion Ref.

Mia Farrow

Brigitte Bardot

The French actress-singer turned animal-rights activist cuddled with a tiger on a trip to Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, in 1976.

Kay Kendall

One can only guess why the Siamese in the actress's arm was named Pyewacket, a reference to a witch's spirit. But the name is actually popular for the Siamese variety, thanks to the film Bell, Book, and Candle released in 1958, which featured a feline of the same name.

Dolly Parton

A shoot from the seventies titled "Dolly Parton and Friend."

Lana Wood

In 1966, former Bond girl Lana Wood casually walked a leopard on a chain leash in the American suburbs, remembering her blowout but apparently forgetting pants.

Ewa Aulin

Tiny cat! The Swedish actress posed with a minuscule feline named Hurricane in July 1968.

Sir Elton John

In 1974, the honorary lady posed for acclaimed photographer Terry O'Neill at Caribou Ranch in Colorado, where he was recording his tenth album, Rock of the Westies.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

In this photo from 1969, it's unclear who looks more distressed, the socialite or that cat.

Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac

The sisters, in their matching stripes, smothered a feline with kisses in an outdoor portrait series from 1960.

Catherine Deneuve

Françoise Dorléac

Vivien Leigh

The actress, a noted cat lover, carried one over her shoulder in June, 1960. Observe the studded collar.

Vivien Leigh


In 1964, Swedish actress Ann-Margret framed her face with a Siamese kitten to promote her upcoming film, Kitten With a Whip. Note: The film was a crime drama and did not have anything to do with actual kittens.


Josephine Griffin

The English actress having a milk-off alongside a cat.

Jane Russell

Françoise Arnoul

Around 1954, the French actress who gained fame for starring in sex melodramas, posed for yet another sultry photo. This time, with a startled-looking white Persian in tow.

Anita Ekberg

Taken in 1966, the photo shows the Swedish actress-model looking a bit tentative.

Anita Ekberg - La Dolce Vita, 1960.

Kim Novak

In 1959, the Hollywood actress gives her Siamese a hug at home.

June Lockhart

Here, in 1963, the actress was photographed blow-drying George, her cat.

Jean Simmons

The British actress hangs out on set with a Siamese in 1954.

Jean Simmons

Vera Ellen

In 1944, the actress and dancer laid out on the beach alongside a black cat. As one does.

Vera Ellen

Gabriella Farinon

Here, a lesson in picking up a cat with one hand from the seventies-era Italian television presenter and actress.

Monica Vitti

The Italian actress Monica Vitti also often carried a cat in her arms while shooting the film High Infidelity.

Gina Lollobrigida

Sophia Loren

Ornella Muti

Ombretta Colli

Those Italians have a way with cats. Here, famed forties singer Ombretta Colli with her pet.

Antonella Bottazzi

The Italian singer and songwriter posing in Milan. As we said: those Italians.

Virna Lisi

In a photo from 1961, the Italian actress pretended to kiss a kitten. Okay, we'll stop making the same joke.

Marianne Faithfull

In a portrait from a private photo shoot in 1966, the British singer couldn't look happier.

Suzy Kendall

The English actress holds a pair of kittens on the set of Up the Junction, directed by Peter Collinson, in 1968.

Ann Sheridan

Angela Lansbury

Julie Newmar

Lee Merriweather aka Cat woman, 1966

Hazel Brooks

Ingris Bergman

Brigitte Bardot

Diana Rigg

Elaine Stewart

Dionne Warwick

Farrah Fawcett

Edwige Fenech

Debbie Reynolds

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Ava Gardner

Peggy Lee

Rhonda Fleming

Ruth Hampton

Carole Lombard

Lovely actress Susan Cabot and three immensely cute little feline friends in 1950

Marilyn Monroe

Jayne Manfield  1964.

Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg with Cat, 1959

Jean White

Leslie Caron

Valentina Cortese

Yvonne de Carlo

Mylène Demongeot

Claudia Cardinale

Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan


Tippi Hedren and her lion .

Leonor FIni

Lori Saunders

Mary Tyler Moore

Michele Girardon

Mijanou Bardot

Ursula Andress

Valerie Leon, Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb

Maggie Smith

Cher by Richard Avedon

Jerry Hall

Jessica Lange

Goldie Hawn

Meryl Streep

Isabelle Adjani

Sherilyn Fenn

Paulina Porizkova

The supermodel in 1985, competing to see who can look more feline.

Catherine Oxenberg

In 1985, the Dynasty actress brought hers to a Los Angles event.


Another feline-face-on-cat competition, from the nineties singer.

Valerie Bertinelli

Glamour Shot: In 1993, the One Day at a Time actress did a whole shoot with a kitten.

Sophie Marceau

In 1991, the French actress campaigned against the abandonment of cats and dogs. Here, she's visiting the Society for the Protection of Animals shelter in Genevilliers, France.

Sophie Marceau

Gina Gershon

Here's Gina Gershon, who's called herself a "crazy cat lady," being photographed with her cat Cleo. Later, she released a book about her journey to find the feline, titled In Search of Cleo: How I Lost My Pussy and Found My Mind.

Brooke Shields

On October 27, 1992, Brooke Shields attended an event called "Whiskas Salutes Cats As the Purr-fect Art Form" at the Grand Central Station Gallery. She then proceeded to stroke a cheetah's throat

Arielle Dombasle

The Miami Vice actress, as photographed in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in 1996.

Helena Bonam Carter

Sofia Coppola

Audrey Tautou

Catherine Deneuve

Penelope Cruz

Lana Del Ray

Diane Kruger
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