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Ретро креатив, знаменитости и арт

Ретро креатив, знаменитости и арт

The McCoy Commune in Novato, California, 1968

A health club

A parade in Watts, California, 1968

Along the waterfront in Venice, 1968

Beauty contest for cattle at the Iowa State Fair, Iowa, 1965

Bikers making it, 1971

Bill Crow, 1958

California, 1967

Christmas Fad, 1959

Couple in Novato, 1968

Earl Hines (piano) Jimmy Archey (trombone) Francis Joseph (cornet) Earl Watkins (drummer), San Francisco, California, 1958

Farming at New Buffalo commune, 1969

Filming Planet of the apes

Igor Stravinsky in the studios of the Colombia Records, 1957

James Dean haunted Times Square, New York, 1955

Louis Armstrong in his dressing room at the Latin Casino, 1958

Marilyn Monroe watching the shooting of Desiree, 1954

Members of a bikers gang, SONS OF SILENCE, 1971

Morning bath, New Mexico, 1969

On the set of the filming Planet of the apes

Pacifist demonstrating at Santa Monica

Resting in a hippie commune in New Mexico, New Mexico, 1971

San Diego Coastline, California, 1968

Statue being delivered, San Francisco, 1968

The grounds of the University of Santa Monica

The University of California, 1968

Two Indians, 1968

Venice Beach Rock Festival, California, 1968

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Всем день добрый! Мне надоел бездушный, душный ГОРОД. Мне давит грудь тройной стеклопакет. Уехать бы с палаткой на природу, но чтоб санузел был и ИНТЕРНЕТ.
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