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Как изменились японские школьницы за 120 лет

[Spoiler (click to open)]Оригинал взят у teo_tetra в Как изменились японские школьницы за 120 лет
1) 1893

Japanese school students photo from Ochanomizu University hundred Year History お茶の水女子大学百年史 book - Rokumeikan era 鹿鳴館時代 - Tokyo, Japan - March 1893 Source : Ochanomizu University Library

2)  Примерно 1893 год

This is a nice old studio shot by one of Japan's most famous photographers, KIMBEI KUSAKABE. He was a student of the even more famous and illustrious FELICE BEATO. The photo is now about 125 years old. And in case you were wondering (but were busy to count) there are 36 girls here --- all students from a local Yokohama school --- some of the first to be spared the old triple-option package of becoming either a Geisha, Prostitute, or joining the Child Labor force......not necessarily in that order. For most, it was usually the last option, anyway.

3) 1910-20-е

4) 1935

Okayama 1935 • Girls in a Classroom




5) Окинава, 1940

6) год ?

7) Ноябрь 1957

8) Компания девчонок 1970-х (не в форме, но всё равно решила включить)

9) 1972

10) Современные

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